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What Social Media Superhero are You?

Photo from my actual comic book collection

Photo from my actual comic book collection

-By Jon-Stephen Stansel

Being a social media manager requires a wide array of skills. You must have focus, understand and absorb a constant stream of information, predict future trends, be on call 24/7, handle crisis situations...basically you have to have super powers. As we gear up for the onslaught of superhero movies the summer blockbuster season would bring, I thought it would be fun to ask, "What social media superhero are you?" Here are a few options:

-Rogue: Like the power-absorbing mutant, you can take the completion’s strengths and make them your own. You keep a close eye on social media accounts that are performing well and posting creative and engaging content and then are able to adapt those ideas and to make them your own.



-Uatu The Watcher: Like the omniscient Watcher you see all. You have your monitoring windows open at all times to see the most up to the minute chatter about your organization. Your keyword searches are unmatched in the galaxy and you are aware of all the latest trends. Nothing escapes your all seeing gaze. And most importantly, you know when to get involved and when to stay quiet.


-Ironman: While it is true that Tony Stark doesn’t really have a super power, he is a tech expert. And like the invinsible Ironman, you are top of the latest tech and are constantly exploring how to make it work for your social media accounts. Whether it’s the latest monitoring software, the newest hi-tech camera, or the hottest new social network, you are there first and know how to make it work for you.




-Luke Cage: Like the unbreakable hero for hire, you have a thick skin and nothing gets to you. The taunts and heckles of the trolls and haters bounce right off of you. While they definitely get your attention and you know when and how to handle the bad guys, you never lose your cool and never take it personally.



-Mr. Fantastic: Like the white-templed leader of the Fantastic Four, you are able to stretch yourself and be everywhere at once. Not only are you monitoring all your social networks, you are on top of the latest trends, and creating content for your networks and while answering the hundreds of emails that are filling your inbox…and somehow not losing focus.



So, what social media superhero are you? There's a lot more superheroes out there. (And I know, I only chose heroes from the Marvel Universe.) Who else would you include? Share your thoughts in the comments!